Sunday Morning Bible Study

Lakewood First United Methodist Church

Adult Bible Study

Sundays, 9:00AM in the library

Contact Pastor Lui for details.

Now Studying the Book of Isaiah

We have just begun the daunting task of studying the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah has been called the “Prince of Prophets,” and understanding the innovative, beautiful concepts expressed in the Book of Isaiah provides key insights into both Judaism and Christianity.

If you have ever tried, on your own, to read through Isaiah and to comprehend all of the reasons why this book is so important, you know that it is quite a challenge. There are many concepts that we don't get because the cultural and theological references differ from our 21st Century experiences. Therefore, I encourage you to check out this study.

Pastor Lui is an excellent teacher, and I have gained many, profound insights into the Old Testament; into ancient, middle-eastern culture; and about just why the book of Isaiah is so often quoted in the New Testament.